Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI

unsesured debt settlement Michigan
secured debt settlement Michigan
Michigan debt settlement

Why “RISK FREE” Instead Of Another Service?



  • RISK FREE works locally from Michigan, run by real people you can meet!
  • RISK FREE keeps its hands off your funds and lets you pay lenders directly!
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEES BIG RESULTS (reduction of debts to 60% or less) or you pay no fees for our negotiating effort AND get your set-up fee back!
  • RISK FREE only asks 10% of the total debt amount. Compare others at 20-25% of the total debt.
  • RISK FREE lets you enjoy the skill of a seasoned attorney, without legal fees!

Stop the denial and the madness of revolving debt – Do something!

If you do nothing at all, your minimum payments will drag on for life. See “Did You Know? »

Beware the so-called “service” of going bankrupt!

Think twice before filing - See “The Hidden Pitfalls of Bankruptcy »

Debt “consolidation” alone does nothing to reduce your debt load!

If you repackage your debt but fail to reduce it, your burden remains just as heavy!

Counseling alone does nothing to reduce your current debt load

Counseling against unwise borrowing curbs behavior that worsens your burdens, but your greatest need now is to lighten the debt load that you already have!

Beware most other “Debt Settlement” firms – See how RISK FREE is Different!

Some critics have called the debt settlement business a “rogue industry”, because so many of our competitors handle large sums of debtors’ money, charge huge fees, make dubious promises, fail to guarantee results, treat clients impersonally from distant, out-of-state phone banks, and lack a local presence or professional training. See “Save More With Us »
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Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI