Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI

unsesured debt settlement Michigan
secured debt settlement Michigan
Michigan debt settlement

How It Works


Step 1. Make an Honest Commitment to Resolve Your Debts Without Bankruptcy

  • Take a look at your unsecured debts, and whether you can pay them all off as agreed.
  • Don’t get stuck making “minimum payments” the rest of your life! Did you know? »
  • Don’t be trapped by the hidden pitfalls of bankruptcy! hidden pitfalls of bankruptcy »

Step 2: Stop, Shop, Compare, and See How Much Better RISK FREE Really Can Be

  • Research all the other companies who claim to help settle unsecured debts
  • Compare how much better RISK FREE really is! “Why us? »

Step 3. Contact Us and Fill Out the Client Questionnaire

  • Contact us at 1-734 776 FREE (3733), ANYTIME, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fill in, click »and send the on-line Questionnaire, or mail. Contact Us »

Step 4. Enjoy a free phone consultation, then sign on for Relief!

  • We will help you to see which of your debts qualify qualifying debts »
  • Once you are accepted into the RISK FREE program, you are on your way to relief!
  • If you choose to work with RISK FREE, you sign your Agreement for Services

At this point, you pay RISK FREE the first $ 200 for organizing your debt profile

Step 5. Gather Information, Fill out Authorizations, Get Ready to Deal

  • RISK FREE will assign your file to the Debt Negotiator, who will set up your file
  • We review your unique situation and help you to come up with proposed solutions
  • The Debt Negotiator will set up your file, classifying each debt by type and amount
  • If you choose to have RISK FREE start negotiating, you sign Authorization Form

Then, you pay RISK FREE $500 set-up fee – guaranteed refundable Benefits »

Step 6. The Debt Negotiator contacts your creditors and reports back to you

  • Then your Debt Negotiator contacts your creditors, keeping you advised on offers
  • Your Debt Negotiator keeps dealing with each creditor, until you approve an offer
  • Written verification of settlement offer for each account is obtained from lenders
  • Our statement confirming each lender’s settlement offer is sent for your approval
  • If you aren’t satisfied, negotiations resume. When you are, you send your approval form.

Then, you pay RISK FREE 5% of  the total debt amount, confirming your approval of offer.

Step 7. Your Debt Settlements are confirmed, and you are free to pay your lender direct!

To activate your deal, you send RISK FREE a final 5% of the debt amount saved, so that your total cost for RISK FREE is only 10% of the debt amount saved, LESS THE $700 YOU PREPAID!.

Step 8. Tell friends, family, co-workers and others how well we did for you! referral reward »

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Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI