Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI

unsesured debt settlement Michigan
secured debt settlement Michigan
Michigan debt settlement

Benefits of Using RISK FREE

  • Stay in control of all your finances, and handle all your own money
  • Work with local people who know your unique situation and really care
  • Quality service includes negotiation of your file by a seasoned, 30 year attorney
  • Avoid the grim process of Bankruptcy and all its restrictions
  • Free yourself of long term restrictions and supervision by receivers and courts
  • Stay free to keep your cash when you earn income, sell assets, inherit or win money
  • Remain free to make deals with friends and family, and those you know and love
  • Avoid the hidden life-long scars and stigmas of Bankruptcy Hidden Pitfalls of bankruptcy »
  • Make your own plan and resolution to cut down your debts and save thousands
  • Decide for yourself how much reduction you want to seek for each debt
  • Eliminate much (at least 40%) if not most (up to 80%) of each debt forever
  • Deal with multiple creditors using sensible, coordinated planning for payments
  • Handle your own payment funds, don’t send them to an out-of-state middleman
  • Minimize damage to your credit (settled balances less derogatory than write-offs)
  • Never pay back the debt which we arrange to have settled on your behalf
  • Get your creditors to reduce or halt interest and cancel late fees
  • Become debt-free far sooner than with “consolidation” or “counseling” alone
  • Minimize or eliminate harassing creditor calls and demands for payment

Enjoy all of these benefits WITHOUT RISKING A BIG FEE!

The RISK-FREE Guarantee:


*WHAT ARE “BIG RESULTS”? At RISK-FREE, we strive to get each creditor to eliminate HALF or more of your debt. We are so confident that we can get close to half off (40% off or more, if you are two months or more delinquent) that we will take NO fees for negotiating efforts which fail to reach this goal. We will also even REFUND your ENTIRE SET-UP FEE, if our negotiating efforts fail to reach this goal within 5 months of the date you sign your Authorization Agreement for us to negotiate for you

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Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI