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Beware the Hidden Pitfalls of Bankruptcy!

Agents and operatives with a vested interest in promoting bankruptcies, or selling you their bankruptcy service point out that it is more common than it was in past years, so they suggest that the process carries much less social stigma than it did a generation ago. Their ads and pitches also suggest that bankruptcy is an easy, streamlined procedure. DON’T BE FOOLED. The process is MISERABLE and leaves lasting SCARS.


Miserable Process

  • Degrading process: In Bankruptcy, court officials supervise all of your finances
  • Costly process: With legal, court & other fees, Bankruptcy still costs thousands
  • Lengthy process: Reorganizing may take up to 5 years, all in the court’s shadow
  • Demoralizing: Debtor is blocked from keeping most savings, assets or winnings
  • Isolates Debtor: Family/friends forbidden from helping, transferring assets, etc.
  • Inconvenient: Debtor has to report to court/officials regularly, numerous times
  • Public, never private: All of Debtor’s troubles and woes are public court record
  • Complicated/Dangerous: If items overlooked Debtor can be charged with Fraud
  • Damages business relations: Slighted creditors often feel betrayed, embittered
  • Bad results/hard feelings locked in: Process forbids indulging favorite creditors
  • Exhausting process: Studies show bankruptcy, like divorce is emotionally trying

Long Term Scars – Not a “fresh start!”

  • Some debts not dischargeable (alcohol/auto; libel/slander, alleged “fraud”)
  • “Fraud” label applied easily (bounced checks/ACHs, defaulted pay plans, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy records stay in public court file forever, even a hundred years later
  • Credit reports show Bankruptcy for 7 to 10 years, but other scars for lifetime
  • Most job applications now ask if “ever” bankrupt, and lying is not an option
  • Many career license application forms also ask if “ever” filed bankruptcy
  • Many college applications include forms which inquire into past bankruptcy
  • Most insurance application forms also ask; insurers always run credit reports
  • Even social/dating networks and databases inquire into past bankruptcies
  • Hiding past bankruptcy to save face only creates later scandal when discovered
  • There IS no “clean slate”; bankruptcy leaves serious marks for your lifetime
  • Dishonor lingers after death; memorials & life histories often recall bankruptcy
  • The decision to go bankrupt taints someone’s identity for ever, in life and death
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Michigan Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief in Detroit, MI